sos Chapin se competitivo/U R Chapin be competitive

sos Chapin se competitivo/U R Chapin be competitive
naciste con una marca mundial/born with a global brand

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Friday, January 21, 2011

OMG, this made me SICK...ROTTEN low life pieces of SCUM~NO words can describe these monsters! SOMEONE SHOULD STRING THEM eye for an eye in this circumstance anyways..What do U think??????? The story is this: These two worms, id...iots, monsters in the picture, grab the helpless animals and simply kill them. They hang and stab the helpless animals. Please urgently circulate it on the Internet. Hopefully this message will get on the computer of someone who can identify them, recognizes their neighborhood or knows their school. Once they are identified please inform the Police or Animal Rights. If anyone thinks it's a waste of time to meet that request, wait until one of these crosses the path of their children or family.PLEASE send it to ALL yr friends...Thanx, thats if u have a heart!See More


  1. If you can find the original post you can find the original poster. Reverse image search with me.